Research and Development has 8 faculty members of which 4 are R&D deans and rest are core committee members. Additional faculty members are included as "research coordinators" by R&D deans for the purposes of smooth and effective conduct of research and development activities throughout PSIT, PSITcoe and PSITche. PSIT - Pharmacy is identified as the best research department.

R&D programme objectives are built with 13 milestones. These milestones cover different aspects of research and development involving systematic investigation leading to discovery. Discovery not only delivers future growth but also builds new knowledge, which in turn helps in bringing costs down. Discovery of products and processes generate patents and copyrights, in addition to providing competitive edge and higher efficiency along with larger profits and improvement in quality with faster production.

Message from Director - R&D

Innovation is key in all activities of R&D and covers various R&D areas that include Product Development, Consultancy, Basic/Fundamental Research, Technology Development, Patents and establishing Centers of Excellence. Special consideration is given to student projects with respect to research and patent components in addition to cross-disciplinary research with big projects and teamwork along with industry partnership and research article in project thesis. Focus is also given to climate change and sustainability, nanotechnology, technology transfer such as start ups and building in-house equipment/facilities. Please note, end objective is to be a Leading Research Institute at National Level.


PSIT to be Leading Research Institute at National Level


Provide an environment of effective learning and innovation to transform students into dynamic, responsible and productive professionals in their respective fields, who are capable of adapting to the changing needs of the industry and society



» National Level Seminar on "How to Write Research Article",
 February 26, 2016

» ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on "Income and Employment in Indian Economy in the Globalised Era - Problems and Challenges",
 April 9-10, 2016

» One Day Seminar on "Industry - Academia Partnership on R&D Initiatives",
  April 15, 2016

» One Day Seminar on "R&D Trends in Technology and Sustainable Innovation",
  July 30, 2016

» 2 Day Workshop on Website & Mobile App Development & ignite IDEAS CONTEST
  Workshop: September 10 - 11, 2016
Contest: September 11, 2016


  June 30, 2016

» MoU: Ecospan

Institutional Memberships

I - NPTEL local chapter
II - National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)
III - Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE)

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Dean Research & Development Comment Email Id: research@psit.ac.in
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Dr Anurag Tewari Dean Research & Development, PSIT COE 9415735630 anuragtewari@psit.in
Dr Ashutosh Tiwari Dean Research & Development, PSIT 9670000024 ashutoshtiwari@psit.in
Dr Pranay Wal Dean Research & Development, PSIT 9795967709 pranaywal@psit.ac.in
Dr Shivani Kapoor Dean Research & Development, PSIT CHE 8874200755 deanbba@psit.ac.in