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About The Engineering

This department is assiduously heading towards achieving high academic standards and values while preparing Computer Science graduates to meet the GLOBAL STANDARDS. The keepers of this department believe that in a competitive software world knowledge is a key ingredient and a competitive weapon and they endeavor to impart even the nitty gritty of this field to their students.

This program can help graduates begin careers in a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving electronics and computers. These may include, among others, such positions as technician, electronics technician, field service representative, salesperson and computer technician.

Engineering Programs

  • » Computer Science & Engineering [ B.Tech / M.Tech ]
  • » Information Technology [ B.Tech ]
  • » Electronics Communication [ B.Tech / M.Tech ]
  • » Electrical & Elecronics [ B.Tech ]
  • » Mechanical Engineering [ B.Tech / M.Tech ]